The Hole. Video installation in collaboration with Neli Ruzic, curated by Andrea Torreblanca. Alternative Space, First Encounter of Transversal Art: Transdisciplinary Dialogues, National Center of Arts, Mexico City.


In this version of the video installation The Hole, three large projections constitute a triptych that articulates different perspectives on the same traumatic event that took place during World War II. The personal stories about the midwife, the only woman among the seven victims of Rudine Pit, the mythical stories that inhabit the imaginary, as well as the silence that ties past and present, all intersect. A fourth screen shows the records of a camera that descends down the pit. The haphazard and rough images caused by the uncontrolled movement of the device refer to the ineffable aspect of the hole. The visitor’s immersion and the incitement to recreate their own narrative of events was favored due to the size of the screens and the hole’s dark space.



The Hole, video installation in collaboration with Neli Ruzic, Stage 2011, Territories to the limit. International Documentary Film Encounter. Cinematographic Training Center, Mexico City.




Journey to the island. The Hole / The midwife. Photographs, in collaboration with Neli Ruzic, curated by Andrea Torreblanca. Bertelsmann Campus, CSS BARD, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY. U.S.


This presentation of the project The Hole, called The Hole, the midwife, consists of a panel of photographs and centers around a specific part of the project in which the story of the only female victim, the midwife Tonka Antunovic is explored



The Hole-The midwife. Panel with 7 photographs and texts







Irreconcilable nature, curated by Francisco Garduño and Dante Herrera. Arterial Space Gallery, University of Communication. Mexico City. The group exhibition, curatorial initiative of the Communication and Management of Culture and Arts career of the University of Communication, proposes a critical speech towards the concept of violence in a genealogical, political and social context, as an involuntary act of acceptance and evidence based on the work of different artists, held by students and teachers who managed the project. The video installation The Hole was presented in this exhibition.




Recto Verso, curated by Andrea Torreblanca. NM Contemporary Art gallery. Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico.


This exhibition arises from the work process of five artists exploring abstraction as a formal mechanism. Making use of various means such as collage, diagrams, drawings, graphics and silhouettes, the artists capture common figures in order to find the boundaries between form and image. Andrea Torreblanca.

Participation in the exhibition with the piece 1860-2010, an oversized vinyl cut that refers to the millions of deaths caused by armed conflicts in the world between 1860 and 2010.



1860-2010. Vinyl cut on wall (1.20m x 2.40 m)



Index, curated by Andrea Torreblanca. Christopher Columbus Gallery, Cuernavaca Morelos, Mexico.


"Beyond the formal structure of the book, this exhibition stems from the idea of ​​visual editing, where artists not only point or aim to a specific topic or subject, but rewire their own interests by selecting a book that gives them the guideline to put their own artistic practice. From a western book, an atlas of war, an encyclopedia for the modern woman or an astronomy manual, the works displayed in this exhibition serve as notes, outlines, appropriations and conclusions from what has already been classified  and previously ordered. Thus the title of this exhibition is proposed not only as a list of random chapters, but tries to function as a sort of epigraph for future approaches and associations to these processes." Andrea Torreblanca.


Part of the "Germania" installation.



Only Women 2011. Liminal Takes, Latin American Women in the Arts. Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts. Roots Division, curated by Frida Cano.


This exhibition displayed artwork pieces of female artists from around the world. Through various means, browsing/navigating in a "liminal" space between culture and identity, between traditional art and contemporary art.


Participation in this exhibition with the first montage of the video installation The Hole, in collaboration with Neli Ruzic and a single channel video, Journal (Diario).



http://liminaltakes.wordpress.com/) (http://www.rootdivision.org/021211.html

Video installation The Hole

Video frame from Journal (Diario)

Multimedia images of a complex world. Visions from both sides of the Atlantic. Curated by Monica Dower. Havana, Cuba; Seville and Granada, Spain; Buenos Aires, Argentina and Mexico City. I participated with single-channel video Image memory.


Video frame from Image Memory



ParisNewYorkMéxico, curated by Monica Dower. Indianilla Station Cultural Center, Mexico City.


"Paris / New York / Mexico” is the title of the exhibition, divided into four batches that rotate daily. This video curation focuses on the work of 33 artists, all women, who live in one of these three cities and highlights cultural meeting points abounding in the female imaginary revealing erased boundaries in a globalized world.” Pancho Lopez.

My involvement in ParisNewYorkMexico was made through the single channel video Cybercorps.



Video frame from Cybercops



Mexparismental Festival, curated by Angelica Cuevas. Cinema La Clef, Paris, France.


"It constitutes video and film with no narrative, contemplative, minimalist and poetic form that intertwine in order to show the diversity of contemporary experimental creation of film and the Mexican and Latin American video," added the curator. The films presented at the screening of this year, held in Paris, were mostly of Mexican origin, produced between 2004 and 2006.


Presentation of the single-channel video Image memory.


Video frame from Image Memory