Image Memory (2005/2006)

Single-channel video, color, sound. Duration 11:37 (France-Mexico, 2005/2006)

The image memory video was edited from images recorded on the memorial of Oradour -sur-Glane, France. The village of Oradour-sur Glane was completely destroyed by the Nazis at the end of World War II and the town became a place of remembrance. Visual essay on the historical remembrance and the role of memorials against the mediated gaze of tourists of memory.


Threads (2005)

Visual essay. The video is an experiment based on a philosophical text, a sort of translation, a meeting place between writing and imagery, books and screen. The intention is to question the place of writing in contemporary society, a society traversed by technology and surrounded by electronic images. The notions of present and memory are also addressed.


La mer (2003)

Single-channel video, color, sound, 3:30 (Mexico-France, 2003)

Excerpts from the author’s family videos filmed in 8MM between the 1950s and 1960s discussed in voiceover by the protagonists today.


Cybercorps (2003)

Single-channel video. Color, sound. Duration 4:19 (Mexico, 2003)

Relationship between the body and the machine, the digital, the virtual and the reality.

Based on a text by René Berger, "Notes sur les festivals" (Notes on festivals)


Regeneration (2002)

Single channel video, color, sound (Mexico, 2002)

Self-portrait video. Result of the degeneration of a fragment of an analog image traced as regeneration…


Journal (2002)

Single-channel video. Color, sound. Duration 2:25. (Mexico, 2002)

Impressions against social and political situation of the moment.